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Items mxchellerxe owns

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- Welcome -

Hello! Everything visible is UFT for the right offer and nothing listed is currently in use-

» I prefer trades for my Wishes over GBCs / Custom
» I usually go by Owls / Valisar values, but sometimes have my own personal values
» I respond to all mail and online daily- I either didn't receive your mail or may have missed it if you haven't received a reply in 24 hrs

9.26 - I am not trading NC as much these days-
Feel free to offer if you would like, but I am a lot less motivated to trade for my higher value wishes.

DTI TLs: Classic | 2020
Unwearables: Tradelist | Wishlist

This list is empty.

a. { V/HTPW }

Part of my closet that I could part with for my biggest wishes.
I will be very picky with some items on this list- I'm sorry if I decline fair offers!

Seeking: Priority Wishes
» I will usually only part with these for my Priority Wishes (if I have none, this list is set to Public)
» I'm not currently accepting (BF) GBC / Custom / Unwearable Wishes for this list

This list is empty.

b. { Tradeable Closet }

Not always high value, but part of my closet that is easier to part for my wishes- feel free to offer!

Seeking: Wishes
» I'm not currently accepting (BF) GBC or Custom for this list

This list is empty.

c. { Highlights }

Easy to part with items, that are a step up from my Tradelist.

Seeking: Wishes / (BF) GBC / Custom (sometimes)
» I can discount Archive Wheel RR's on this list
This list is empty.

g. { Sale Section }

No quantities listed.

Seeking: GBC / Cookies / Dyepots
» 4:1 (BF) GBC
» 2:1 GBC / RR Cap / Archive Cookie / Upcycle Cookie
» 1:1 Faerie Quest Cookie / Lab Cookie / Dyepot

This list is empty.

Items mxchellerxe wants

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a. { Priority Wishes }

I'm actively seeking these for current / planned customs.

Offering: Closet(s) + all TLs below / GBC / Custom
» The majority of my closet is hidden- feel free send me your wishes if you don't see anything!

This list is empty.

b. { Wishes }

I'd love to add these to my permanent closet.

Offering: TLs / GBCs + Custom for some, feel free to ask!
» Feel free to ask about my Tradeable Closet items

This list is empty.

c. { New Capsule Wishes }

Offering: Highlights + Regular TLs / GBC / Custom
» Feel free to ask about my Tradeable Closet items This list is empty.

d. { Casual Wishes }

Not actively seeking.

Offering: Regular TLs
» I am not always interested in trading for these individually and would prefer these as filler- but feel free to ask!

This list is empty.
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