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They call me Fly...

Im sorry I am very busy and may not respond to trades if I dont have a board up. I currently live very unpredicatble and have to poof randomly and may not be back online for ages! C:

I still love Neopets and customization so I do still try to trade so I dont get too far behind! <3

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These are items Ive already used in customs, or spent ages finding for a custom and didnt actually use and they will just sit in my closet for another year.

They are not closet items! I just want to try and trade them for my HTF wishes more than just any items because I'll never get those items otherwise cos thats the NC trading life ;w; Sorry if im too picky!

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B. Tradelist

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Regular Trades

Not seeking GBCs for these, but will accept wishes, buyables or event packs when seeking!

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