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A list of 1 or 2 things for you to read firstly.

I mean, if you want, I'm not gonna MAKE you. I mean, I couldn't even make you if I wanted to. I bet you are though, because you seem nice and reasonable. Kudos to you! So polite! We need more people like you!

ANYWAYS, I'm on nearly everyday and love getting neomails. Kinda like back in the day (before ~responsibility~ and ~bills~ ruined things) when getting envelopes in the mailbox was so exciting. So! Regardless of how you found my list, please feel free to send a mail if I have something that interests you. I'm like super duper nice so don't you worry your beautiful face about asking.

I adore spooky/gothic/darkly beautiful stuff so if I have something you like but you don't have my wishes, just send me your TL and I'll take a gander and see if we can work something out! Usually happy to accept GBCs/FQC/Upcycles/Lab cookies/Dye pots as well for the majority of normal lists. Pretty flexible with trades so don't be afraid to shoot your shot!

Also, ignore all numbers as I do everything on mobile and for the life of me I cannot stop my fat fingers from accidently adding numbers when trying to move stuff around.

Okiedokie artichokie. Let's gooooooooo!.

WAIT waitwaitwait. I gotta lotta junk in here worth 2:1. Do not ye be afraid to ask for 2:1 trades on obviously 2:1 items. I tried keeping a sale list. It did not work out.

This list is empty.

A List of Actual Favorites and Super Pretties and My Precioussssess

I love them. I make weird hissy noises at the thought of letting them go but I also understand that sometimes in life we have to let go to move forward so I'm showing you my pretty shiny precioussssess so that maybe you can trade me your shiny preciousssssesss and we can both move on with our lives a little stronger and prettier.

Following regular standards, the 999s are my absolutely hardest to part with and probs only UFT for my dreams or higher valued actively seeking/favorites list.

These basically all come from my closet rotation that I usually hide but I swear saying "Post wishes because I have things hidden" never works like you want it too so here I am showing you some of the things I have hidden. That now aren't hidden. So yeah.

This list is empty.

A list of of things that dangle or float or frame

We all float down here. We also dangle precariously above your head, but it sure looks pretty!

This list is empty.

A list of things for the ground, back and fore.

These are backgrounds. And foregrounds. I mean, I kinda figured you could tell but I felt compelled to put a description so here we are.

This list is empty.

A list of things for your face, and neck too because why not

It puts the pretties on the skin...

And maybe a necklace or some earrings, I dunno.

This list is empty.

A list of things for your head

Hats, wigs, bows and all of those kindsa things.

This list is empty.

A list of things for your nakey self.

Tired of always wearing your birthday suit? Well, do I have something for you!

This list is empty.

A list of things that are just kinda there

Yep. It's there. Look at it. Appreciate it's presence.

This list is empty.

A list of things to hold in your hand because you don't know what to do with them and now you feel kinda awkward standing there with your hands at your side all weirdlike so you're just gonna fiddle with this thing.

At least it looks fashionable and on purpose!

This list is empty.

Pending For Trade

Maybe? Hopefully?

This list is empty.



This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items Nitibus wants

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A list for dreams and miracles

Somewhere over the rainbow...

This list is empty.

A list of Actively Seeking

I am currently on the hunt for these items for my customs, and have probably checked my stuff against your list to see if I have anything to offer you for it and either didn't have the guts to ask or didn't have something you asked for it.

So please, ask away! What be your price?