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Welcome to my trade list! I have a private personal closet which is not visible but which I may offer if you have something I am desperate for. Am always searching for new Gallery items and can often offer custom if it is something hard to find. Don't be afraid to neomail, I try to be very welcoming and look forward to any trades we may make!

Nonwearables UFT: -Spooky Skull Goodie Bag -Holly Tree Goodie Bag -Snowman Goodie Bag -Valentine Bow Goodie Bag -NC Mall Sixth Bday Goodie Bag -Ornament Holiday Goodie Bag -Bubblebee Mine Goodie Bag -Neo 16th BDay Goodie Bag -Neo 17th BDay Goodie Bag -Neo 18th BDay Goodie Bag -NetDragon Gift Box: Scorchio Party Pack -Bountiful Hearts Goodie Bag

Caps and Grams for Trade:

-Rainbow Watercolour GBC

-Misty Mountains GBC

-Tutti Frutti BDay MC

-Usukicon Y24 MC

-Retired Patapult MC (2022)

-Retired Costume Superpack MC

-Petrifying Pumpkin Phantom R. MC

-23rd BDay Cuddly MC

-New Year 2022 MC

-Mythical Wherfy Winter Cap

-Faeries Hope Magical MC

-Springtime Springabee MC

-Expressions MC

-Cherry Blossom MC

-Creepy Mutant Gram x5

-Ethereal Mutant Gram x7 (+LE)

-Halloween Haul Gram x4

-Berry Cute Gram (+LE)

-7th BDay Cake Slice 2/3 -8th BDay Cupcake rainbow & sparkler

PS: Always open to looking at TL's! (:


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B) Just Take 'Em

Items that I don't have much of a connection to. Very open to casual trades and possibly 2:1's and so on.

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C)Little More

These have a little more value (1gbc+) Still very open to casual trades

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D) Some Worth

Another step up in value (3gbc+) Items numbered 99 I am quite fond of in this list. Ideally, I would like them to go towards some of my higher priority wishes.

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Items Venzin wants

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More casual wishes but this time...they're dyeworks

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For my gallery

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