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Items Hemodream owns

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0-- Welcome

+++++++++++++++++++ ---Hello! --- +++++++++++++++++++

The lists besides HTFW are just for my personal reference and does not reflect any other things!

Non-Wearable UFT:
• Hidden Altador Dicing Tower Enchanted Compass
• Sugar Skull NC Fortune Cookie
•Limited Edition Silver Gelert Key Quest Token
• Pastel Paisley Gift Box Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.

0-1. Highlights or HTPW

+++++++++++++++++++ ---Better Stuff (or just that I like them) --- +++++++++++++++++++

• They are for sure UFT but mostly not for custom/GBC/etc.
• 55 marked items are only for my -priority (Section 1 & 1.1)- wishes (/+ fillers)
• 99 marked items are only for my 99 marked -priority (Section 1 & 1.1)- wishes (/+ fillers)
^^^If I don't have 99 marked wishes, I hide them 8D

This list is empty.

01 List One

+++++++++++++++++++ Numbers = my own reference +++++++++++++++++++

This list is empty.

02 List Two

++++++++++++++++++ Numbers = my own reference +++++++++++++++++++

This list is empty.

2:1 GBC/3:1 BF GBCs

Any buyable are Max boxes I got from the GBC : each cap you send me :'D

This list is empty.
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