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Please be aware that the Neopets Metaverse team is not authorized to use Dress to Impress whatsoever.
As per our terms, we hereby revoke their license to use our software, effective immediately. Any future commercial works generated with our software, directly or indirectly, may be found to infringe on our copyright.

Further, our unique converted PNGs are our own derived works, and have never been licensed for commercial use.
Any previously-sold commercial works found to already be using them may be considered liable.
Finally, please be aware that our Flash conversion code is not licensed for external use at all, and any code derived or ported from it would be direct copyright infringement. Any works generated by infringing code may also be liable.
This statement is independent of the usage license revoked above, and would fully apply to previously-sold works.

We're making this announcement in response to concerns that DTI may have been used to mint the recent Neopets NFTs.
Most users may continue to share their Dress to Impress outfits freely, for personal use among themselves and their communities!

We regret not revoking this license sooner. For questions, please reach us via email. Thanks for understanding.
We're sticking around for the HTML5 conversion!
You can already switch from Flash to Image mode, and there's a new beta app coming soon!
Try our beta app! It's ready for the future, and it works great on mobile!
Our new app is still a work in progress, but you can try it now, and we'd love to hear what you think!
Here's the link: https://impress-2020.openneo.net/
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Items Hemodream owns

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0.1. Welcome

I still use /~Waka as my main value reference and /~Owls if it has the data updated; might disagree with some values regarding HTF items. You are always welcome to let me know your personal value and discuss them with me!

I don't mind you to nm other people inquiring about the same item after nm me at all! But I'd really appreciate it if you could nm me again and let me know when you've already found a trade c:

Non-Wearable UFT:
Hidden Altador Dicing Tower Enchanted Compass
Sugar Skull NC Fortune Cookie

This list is empty.

1-1. HTPW

Things (not all are necessarily high-valued) that I kinda like. not THAT attached to most of them tbh and they are FOR SURE UFT. I could part with many of them for my general wishes but just likely no pure GBCs/Cookies/Custom/etc XD

55 marked items are only for my -priority (Section 1 & 1.1)- wishes.
99 marked items are only for my 99 marked -priority (Section 1 & 1.1)- wishes!
^^^I will hide those items when I have no 99 marked/priorites so sometimes things disappear from my tl 8D

This list is empty.

2-0. Up For Trade - Main Account

Current Box: Some
Noted numbers means quantity.

This list is empty.

2-00. Up For Trade - Side Accounts

Current Box on Side: Many

This list is empty.

2:1 GBC/4:1 BF GBCs

Any buyable are Max boxes I got from the GBC : each cap you send me :'D

This list is empty.

Items Hemodream wants

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1. Priority Wishes

The items that I need for my pixels' permanent customization. Offering the whole TL for them and 99 marked HTPW for 99 marked wishes here :3

This list is empty.

1.1 Spares that I always could use

TFW you have too many pets who look good with the same item.
This section shares the same priority level my section 1 high priorities! I only separated them for my only reference haha. Willing to offer HTWP (Including 55 ones) for them and 99 marked HTPW for 99 marked wishes here :')

This list is empty.

3. I like those but not actively seeking/very casual/low priority

Just stuff that looks good. Not sure if my pets will wear them but I like to hoard pretty stuff anyway .jpg

Likely not offering HTPW for them but feeling free to try me because I considering myself as a casual trader who sway between stuff a lot, promise that I won't bite 8D. Would love them as filters or for my general list tho!

21 means I'm only seeking them from 2:1 or 3/4:1 for BF GBC!
11 means they are still buyable/dye-able items.
Other numbers mean the max cap value I'm willing to offer for it atm :c. None = 1.

This list is empty.
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