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0. Hiiiiiii

I hate it here.

I mainly play on mobile so response time can vary.
I'm usually most active between 1pm-3pm NST
and I reply as soon as I can but if its been longer than 24-48 hours then feel free to mail again !

I am usually interested in Upcycle Cookies/Dyepots or other customs
I cannot offer custom for my wishes, sorry!

This list is empty.

1 Highlights / Nicer Things / Higher Value

would prefer to trade these items for wishes (:
I might be picky with some but they're all for trade
Happy to look at a Trade List!

This list is empty.

2. Trading

currently will accept custom offers

This list is empty.

3. Trading - on sides

currently will accept custom offers, happy to do 2:1 on any obviously 2:1 valued items ^^

**any numbers are for my reference and not quantity

This list is empty.

4. Bargain Bin - 1-2 cap list

I value all items here at 1/1-2

Will 2:1 for a Upcycle Cookie
or 1 Dyepot each

I'm not looking for any regular GBCs right now, sorry!