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Main Account - UFT

Box count - 39

Last updated on June 19, 2024


Hello my name is Janice and welcome to my DTI page! ^.^


NC Neopet Tokens UFT:

Nostalgic Alien Aisha

Nostalgic Baby Acara

Nostalgic Baby Aisha

Nostalgic Baby Pteri

Nostalgic Darigan Peophin

Nostalgic Darigan Poogle

Nostalgic Faerie Kacheek

Nostalgic Plushie Pteri

Nostalgic Robot Buzz

Nostalgic Royalboy Elephante


Retired Non-Wearable NC items UFT:

! ! ! ! ! ! ! Easter Negg Smiley Snack ! ! ! ! ! ! !

And lots of other rare and hard to find non-wearable NC items!

Everything is located in my gallery:

Please neomail me at jmo7692 to discuss values and maybe we can work out a trade! ^.^