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Please note: quantities for each list do not denote actual value/quantity.
I have tried to be consistent with these throughout my TL/WL:
100: I do not agree with value guides on these
99: Harder to part with, likely won't trade for smaller items
88: Tradeable closet item, will be more likely to trade for WLs 1-3 or high-value wishes
11-66: For my personal reference
Any other quantities will be explained under each list.

Please feel free to mail! However, I generally get a lot of NMs about NC trades, and may miss your mail (I'm only human, and my schedule is variable). If this happens, I'm sorry! I do my very best to reply to everyone!


Organization of this list:
1. Highlights
2. Nice stuff
3. Tradelist
4. Side accounts
5. 2:1 GBC Sale
6. Dyeworks Lending
7. Closet/Only UFT for High Priority Wishes
8. Grams and Non-wearables

**may or may not be uft, sorry in advance;
I imported these from my sdb/closet and have yet to sort them!

This list is empty.

1. Highlights

Hard to find items listed here likely only uft for other htf/popular items.
88: Tradeable closet item, may be willing to part with for HTF wishes or high priority items
55: On a side account (for my reference)
Not seeking GBCs for this list.

Willing to discount BBoBF for wishes
This list is empty.

2. Nice stuff

Hard to find items listed here likely only uft for other htf/popular items.
May be willing to trade some items from this list for GBCs, please inquire.
33: Available from grams

This list is empty.

3. Tradelist

Some items UFT for GBCs as well.