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Closet items are only UFT for high priority wishes
Some items I do not agree with value guides on- I will give you a heads up on this when negotiating a trade :)

Please feel free to mail! However, I generally get a lot of NMs about NC trades, and may miss your mail (I'm only human, and my schedule is variable). If this happens, I'm sorry! I do my very best to reply to everyone!

Organization of this list:
1. Closet/Only UFT for High Priority Wishes
2. Highlights
3. Nice stuff
4. Tradelist
5. Side accounts
6. 2:1 GBC Sale
7. Unfinished list
8. Not in a list -
may or may not be uft, sorry in advance; I imported these from my sdb/closet and have yet to sort them

Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram x3
Blue Perilous Catacomb Magical Scroll
The Dark Hearts Sweetheart Gram
Red Holiday Cracker Gram
Heart Broken Sweetheart Gram
Rose Sweetheart Gram
Terror Mountain Winter JubJub Power Bounce Token 10- pack
Terror Mountain Winter JubJub Power Bounce Token 5-pack
Haunted Candy Floss

Usurper Mystery Capsule
Tale of Woe Mystery Capsule
Polka Dot Striped Mystery Capsule
Feather Boa Mystery Capsule x2
Gothic Feather Mystery Capsule x2
Tie-Dye Mystery Capsule
Disheartening Sweetheart Gram
Love is in the Air Sweetheart Gram
Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 1-Pack

This list is empty.

2. Highlights

Not seeking GBCs for these.

55: On a side account (for my reference)

This list is empty.

3. Nice stuff

Might be willing to trade for GBCs

This list is empty.

4. Tradelist

UFT for wishes/GBCs

This list is empty.

5. Side accounts

Located on a side account

Quantities are for my reference

This list is empty.

6. 2:1 GBC Sale

These items are available 2:1 for newer GBCs

This list is empty.

6. Unfinished list

This list is not finished Please bear with me, I am in the process of importing my SDB and have yet to organize this list or check values. These items are UFT but please ignore the cap sale for now.

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)