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Unfortunately I don't Casual Trade / Browse TLs anymore - Wishes or Custom only - sorry!
Updated for 2024 - online daily and I answer ALL Neomails!

I have now toggled all my 'not UFT' Items to Private and only showing Items that I have duplicates of (or I just don't think I may need in the near future / or will use). However - I have literally thousands of Items, so PLEASE show me your WL if you have any of mine, as this is a work in progress, with HEAPS more yet to publicly list for trading!!!

Thank You ^_^

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These items are all UFT, as I have more than 1 (or not suited to my pets etc) - but of course, depending on the offer! I usually double check ~Owls to get a ballpark figure, but each trade will be based on it's own merit. I am happy to consider 2:1 BF GBC Trades on certain items, please ask :) I am also happy to accept Faerie Quest Cookies and Dyepots on some items..

I also currently have:
2 x Vintage Halloween Party Grams

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Please disregard numbers - they are getting removed, slowly!

This section is where I have listed all items I own, that haven't quite made it to my Closet and sit in my SDB, waiting for the day I need to use them for a Custom!! I don't have spares of these, so won't let them go as easily - Each trade will be based on it's own merit (whether I want the new item, more than the old one!) and ONLY considering trades in this section, that are for my WL Items
(not seeking custom, GBCs etc for these, sorry!)

It is currently a work in progress - I am getting through the list and removing items I simply cannot bring myself to trade away at this time, so bear with me - and understand if I hadn't yet got to some items! Thank You ^_^