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Welcome to my NC Tradelist!
Updated: MARCH 2019

I seek a few wishes now and then, so feel free to NM if you have anything!
{Sorry I don't do Casual Trades, Wishes only..}

Am nearly ALWAYS seeking FAERIE QUEST Cookies, GBCs,
Along with Stat Increasing Cakes and Birthday Cupcakes also

Numbers are for my use only - it tells me which account item is on!

Please do not take it personally if I decline your offer, as although it may be fair, it may not be the trade I am after..
(I will definitely reply, either way..if my NM works, that is.. sigh)

Thanks for Visiting!

This list is empty.

oo...NC UFT...oo

These are Extras...or no longer needed, so seeking Wishes or if I have multiples, I am happy to consider Cookie or GBC Offers
{Disregard Numbers, they tell me which account item is on!}

If you have any of my Higher Value Wishes, please send me your WL, as most of my Items are not on Display!

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oo...Take Them Away!!...oo

These Buyables can go out the door on a 2:1 Cube Deal - otherwise will accept a Labray or Faerie Quest Cookie for these!
Number denotes Quantity

Has not been updated since CC
So may not be totally accurate! My apologies in advance!

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Items Shadyhaven wants

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If you have any of the 999 Items UFT, please NM me your WL! {as I have a Hidden List of Goodies to Offer!} well as my Closet:)

11111 means Priority and need NOW! lol

Am also happy to offer / include Custom or GBCs on HTF wishes, or if offered a Great Deal / Discount!

Faerie Quest Cookies
Stat Increasing Cakes / Cupcakes(HPs)

This list is empty.

Baby Wishlist

Seeking these Baby Items..
I am not in a hurry to find the easy / buyable Wishes! Being able to trade will depend on my Box Situation also..

This list is empty.
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