Shadyhaven's items

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Items Shadyhaven owns

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I don't actively do alot of NC Trading these days - but occasionally seek items for my Pets! ..
please read the blurbs for Guides, re: any NC Trade Offers :)

Unfortunately I don't Casual Trade / Browse TLs anymore - Wishes or Custom only - sorry!

Thanks for Visiting!

Updated for 2023 - online daily and I answer ALL Neomails!
{If you do not get a reply to your initial Neomail, or any throughout trade, please message again - as my NM is getting VERY glitchy:( }

This list is empty.


NO NUMBER or 2 means I am happy to look at any offers - Wishes / GBCs / Custom (2 means I have spares)

9 I really like these, and many are used regularly..Try your luck, if you are offering any of my Wishes!!

999 These are my absolute faves and are Closeted..
I MAY be tempted, if your trade offer includes any of my HTF / Expensive Wishes!!

Oh and any Item that has a 1 at the end, just means my Pet is wearing it (I currently have 17 pets here)