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Section 01 - A few notes before trading (PLEASE READ)

~ I use /~owls & /Owlstwo as a rough value guide ~
~ I use /~Valisar as a rough non-wearable value guide~

~ I value BF Caps at 1 cap value only ~

~I give faded_glow (my sister) my full permission to offer my list as she see's fit ~

~I only ever communicate from my main capturedsecrets ~

~ My inbox is never full so if you don't get a reply within 24hrs please try again.~

~Any item NOT in my 1 cap section I value at more than 1 GB Cap ~

~ I have no custom or GB Caps to offer at this time~

~Dyepots / faerie quest cookies (Only offering section 03) no other section. ~

~ UPDATED LAST: September 2023 ~

This list is empty.

Section 02 - Unwearables UFT

NOT seeking GB Caps for unwearables

This list is empty.

Section 03 - 1:1 GB Cap / 1:1 Cookie /100-200 Custom/ 1:1 Dyepot

Everything here is UFT for
Any 1 GB Cap
1 Upcycle cookie
1 Faerie Quest Cookie
100-200 Custom
1:1 Dyepot

This list is empty.

Section 04 - Dyeworks

This list is empty.

Section 05 - Colour Specific

Items here can only be worn by baby / maraquan or mutant pets.

This list is empty.

Section 06 - Premium / Collectibles

This list is empty.

Section 07 - Mini MME / MME

This list is empty.