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0. Special UFT

I am only seeking specific wishes for these items. Please refer to my wishlists below for details. Fillers can be from your tradelist (where applicable).

This list is empty.


Note to trader:
All items listed here are HTPW. Items here are not from my closet, and they are definitely UFT. May turn down fair offers and most likely to part with them only when stated (and unlikely for custom/GBC). You’re welcome to tempt me with an offer if you’d like :)

88 = VHTPW / only towards “99” wishes

Glamourous Birthday Hat Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1
Spooky Blorpulous Magic Elixir x1
Birthday Confetti Magic Elixir x1
Shadow Shoyru Key Quest Token x1
+5 HP cakes x2
Faerie Dust x1
Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie x1
Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widget 1-pack x4

The GBC(s) listed here are only UFT for collectors!

This list is empty.

B. UFT (retired)

These are all items that I am very willing to part with. Items labelled with a “21” are available for 2:1 (for GBC only). For item:item trades, these will follow /~waka values.

Items with no number/numbered with anything other than “21” will be traded according to /~waka values or the current going rate.

Note: There may be uncommon buyables lost in here as well.

This list is empty.

C. Buyables

Two items from this list for any GBC. All items listed here at the time of update are buyable. I can also trade these items for item:item trades, or if you are interested in them as fillers ^-^

This list is empty.

I. Pretrades

These items are reserved for pretrades. I am willing to hold certain items for a period of up to 2 weeks. This does not apply to populars or highly sought after items for the simple reason that I can easily find an alternative trade.

Those marked with a "10" are incoming items. Those without a number are outgoing items.

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Items charlieputh wants

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2. For ombre cloud garland / white cbg

These are items that have to be included in the trade for my ombre cloud garland or white cbg (only one of the below is required). Willing to browse your list for fillers, where applicable.

Will require a value check board before committing to a trade.

This list is empty.
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