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Items crafty owns

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000 Intro 000

Updated Regularly
Box Count = 142
Due to the severe onset of carpal tunnel syndrome, I will be sporadic in trading. Only NM me if you are prepared to wait, could be immediate or take several days. Sorry about that!

Accepting caps (not gbc's), Upcycle, FQC, Lab cookies, and item for item.. show me your TL!

Only taking GBC's for 2:1 & 3:1 sections
NM's offering gbc's for items in other sections will be ignored!

**Notice: I can't keep up with value changes so if something has a different value than what I have listed let me know..

Section "not on a list" are items I don't have values for. And will do a VC before trading

This list is empty.

1 - 2 gbc

This list is empty.

2 - 3

This list is empty.

4 or more

I will be very picky with the items in this list so please don't take it personally if I decline your fair offer

This list is empty.


Will do a VC before trading

This list is empty.

UFT 2:1

All items here are 2 for 1 GBC... Will take gbc's or FQC if you just want 1 item

This list is empty.

UFT 3:1

Things I really don't want.. everything is 3 for 1 gbc

This list is empty.

Z: The Brighter Side of Neo Guild

This list is strictly for Lends for the Loyal Lupe Rank in the Brighter Side of Neo Guild for event "Seasonal Style".
An item with a number on it, means it is on loan to that person assigned to that number.
All lends are 2 months long.
Lends MUST be returned a month before the next Equinox or Solstice.

Current Wolf Pack:
Jessica = 2
Robin = 3
Justine = 4
Erik = 5
angeal = 6

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items crafty wants

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Wings for Kieevey

These are specifically for 1 pet so I will be picky on what I trade for them. So just be prepared that I might decline a very fair trade

This list is empty.

Wishing on a dream

Those marked with "3" are ones I am always looking for and will open my closet for them. Show me your tradelist! Or just ask if I have an item. (Due to extreme forgetfulness, I will forget I said that last statement so Please refer to it when NM'ing me, Thanks) my closet is hidden as I do not want to show items I have no intention of parting with and will only have it UFT for the items in this list.

Those marked with "2" are ones I'm not sure about.. Meaning I don't remember what I wanted it for. It's just still here in case I remember

Those marked with "9" are Exactly "Wishing on a Dream" Items I love but will never be able to afford

This list is empty.
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