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Items crafty owns

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000 Intro 000

Updated Regularly
Box Count = 190+
PLEASE READ: Due to health issues (along with severe arthritis and carpal tunnel), I will be slow in responding. PLEASE do not NM me if you are contacting others at the same time. Chances are you will find the trade before I can respond. To which If you reply with "I already found a trade" you will be blocked, sorry but my hands can not handle the wasted time, If we agree on a trade, do not ask me to send items to different accounts. My hands can not take it and I will most likely end up canceling the trade. Sorry

Accepting Item(s) for Item(s) (Preferred), Archive, Upcycle, FQC, Lab cookies or show me your tradelist, as that is the main way I find stuff!

Only taking GBC's for 2:1 & 3:1 sections and some items in Tier 1
NM's offering gbc's for items in Tiers 2 or higher will be ignored! Sorry all but the last thing I need are gbc's

Section "not on a list" are uft, I just don't have values for them. Will do a VC before trading

This list is empty.

1st Tier

~Items valued around 1-2 gbc's~
Will do VC on Owls before trading

Will accept GBC"s for some items in this list.

This list is empty.

2nd Tier

~Items valued around 2-4 gbc's~
Will do VC on Owls before trading

This list is empty.

4th Tier

~Items worth 8 and up~
I will be a bit more picky with the items in this list so please don't take it personally if I decline your fair offer
Will do VC on Owls before trading

This list is empty.

5th Tier ~ uft for dreamies only

Closet items I am willing to give up for dreamies.
Values are variable (meaning 1 item can be worth 10+ and another worth 3-4) There are some items I do NOT agree with Owls on value. If seeking # is higher than what is uft, my value will be higher than owls.
Some items are only uft for trade, involving Sun Prince Markings*

This list is empty.


This list is invite only
If you have been directed to this list, you can pick anything you want

This list is empty.


Will do a VC before trading. Items that are currently dyeable are not up for trade until they retire and a value is established, unless it is a color swap.

This list is empty.

Fall/ Halloween

I will do a value check before trading

This list is empty.

UFT 2:1

All items here are 2 for 1 GBC... Will take gbc's or FQC if you just want 1 item

This list is empty.

UFT 3:1

Things I really don't want.. everything is 3 for 1 gbc

This list is empty.