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Items CalicoTigers owns

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0 Please Read Before Contact 0

I am currently Building my TL and WL

Please DO NOT waste my time; If you are NMing others for the same item, within 24 hours, DO NOT NM me. I'm only in Neo for a couple of hours each morning.

It will take time for me to confirm items UFT as well as Wishes. So please keep this in mind, contact me with specific trades and only if you are serious... I don't like haggling, especially since that time can be better spent reorganizing this TL.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

I will be moving items from one Category to Another, periodically, as seasons and values dictate.

If you contact me in the meantime please understand if I pass on your offer.

I refer to ~waka, ~priscilla and Even ~Clara (for past values) prior to agreeing to a Trade

Please offer Fairly to save us both valuable time!

Priority and Ultimate Wishes are items I am seeking for immediate customs, this doesn't mean I'm desperate; I will not devalue my items in exchange for yours. So again...


Please include Item's name in Subject Line of NM

Please do not send me your TL unless you have numerous of my wishes

My values may differ greatly; Supply and Demand dictates value in my mind, as well as re-releases not the last time someone desperately traded and reduced the item's value.

I do NOT trade for GBCs with the exception of the 2:1 Category

I DON'T trade for customs or buyables.

For Collectors

Numerous Retired Caps UFT

I will be creating a List (soon) for Retired Caps

If you're a Cap collector, feel free to NM for my current list.

Thanks again for your time and consideration.

This list is empty.

00 UFT for Priority Wishes 00

This list is empty.

000 *** UFT for Ultimate Wishes Only!!! *** 000


This list is empty.

z UFT z