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1. Please Read

None NC wearable items UFT

King Altadors Golden Noil Throne

I just recently came back from a 6-7 year haitus so my WL is under construction, if you don't have my wl items you can still make an offer. I may see something I may want that I haven't seen before :)

Any Item I have marked 99 thats not in my closet I maybe picky about it but still up for grabs. I use waka as a guide but some items I value a little more than the guide states so please don't be offended if I decline an offer
Don't be afraid to neomail me, I always respond, even to decline, usually within the day. Last update 10/11/18 I try to keep it as accurate as possible but sometimes I forget to remove an item.
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2. Closet

Stuff being used in current customizations.

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4. Highlights

Things that I've seen that are popular or have a high valued cap. Some of these at VHTPW so I apologize if I decline a fair offer, please don't be offended XD

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5. Lending Dyeworks but officially uft

2:1 gbc/ Archive cookie or 1:1 dye pots and fqc

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Backgrounds & Foregrounds

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