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Items getconnected owns

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Hello MTV, welcome to my crib! Feel free to NM any offers! I'm always willing to trade GBC's for items from priority WL's. The numbers indicate the quantity I have available.

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2. Closet

These are items I actually like and use. Offers welcome for higher priority wishes. 99 = HTPW

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3. Up for Trade!

These items are all up for trade.

I'm always willing to trade GBC's for my WL items!

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4. Side

These items are on my side account. Not all of them are UFT right now; I'm still trying to sort them out.

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Items getconnected wants

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3. Regular NC Wishlist

Some items I'm interested in.

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x Backgrounds x

These are the backgrounds I want - not priority. I know some of them are crazy. >:]

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