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A: Information [PLEASE READ]

Apologies if this page loads slow, ive collected alot of nc.
Hi! Im Anna and welcome to my nc page that i forget to update regularly...

Everything here on my list is UFT, i dont have any hidden closets or w/e people call it these days, what you see here is what i have (unless i forget to remove it, then my apologies). I do have a favourites list but i dont consider it "HTPW" or "highlights". I dont honestly understand 2:1s or anything like that, so i dont offer anything like that. I am reluctant to trade for GBC/custom as i have plenty all the time and the nc on hand to always buy. Thanks for reading. * peace sign *

List last updated 16th August 2019
Because of timezones and other things please allow upto 48 hours for a response before finding another trade please!

This list is empty.

B.Items on my main

This list is empty.

D.Items on my Side (anna_the_yoshi)

These items are located on my side Anna_the_yoshi

This list is empty.

E.Items on my Side (staryanna1997)

These items are located on my side Staryanna1997

This list is empty.

F.Items on my Side (zenyattaa)

These items are located on my side Zenyattaa

This list is empty.

G.Fave Items

These items jsut look pretty to me, so i may not want to trade this. please note tho i dont consider any of this htpw or whatever people call it, or "closet" items i dont have any of those sorta things on here. if its here its uft, is basically what im getting at

This list is empty.
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