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A: Information

Apologies if this page loads slow, ive collected alot of nc.

Hi! Im lazy and welcome to my nc page, i forget to update this regularly

List last updated 14th December 2018
Because of timezones and other things please allow upto 48 hours for a response before finding another trade please! As Im very happy to trade 99% of the time.

I have alot of boxes and would prefer to not trade MY items for YOUR gbcs.

This list is empty.

B.Items on my main

These items are all on my main account that i am willing to trade

Items marked 777 are items im holding for possible trades

This list is empty.

D.Items on my Side (anna_the_yoshi)

These items are located on my side Anna_the_yoshi

This list is empty.

E.Items on my Side (staryanna1997)

These items are located on my side Staryanna1997

This list is empty.

F.Items on my Side (zenyattaa)

These items are located on my side Zenyattaa

This list is empty.

G.Fave Items, (Things I Likely Won't Trade)

These are some of my favourite items I own, your welcome to offer on them! though please understand I may not wish to trade them.

Things with a 99 next to them in this list are on my side happy_magic_rainbows
This list is empty.

Items staryanna wants

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These are just the last items i need for customs

Numbers are indications for my own reference.

This list is empty.

B. Gallery wishlist

Im looking for these items for my spacey themed gallery! also looking for the following non wearables for this gallery:

This list is empty.

D.Items Im looking for, for a friends

all items for friends are ultimate high priority!!

11 = genji_
22 = Lovz2draw

This list is empty.
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