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Items the_mausoleum owns

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Any item marked with a 9 is considered a Highlight even if it is not in the Highlight section.

Everything listed here is potentially up for trade.
If no items are listed in my WL section, it means I have no specific wishes at the moment, but you can provide me with your TL if you wish to negotiate a trade.

*Note 1: I also have some unwearable NC items UFT, which can be found on my JellyNeo Trade List, here:

*Note 2: Some of my biggest wishes are found on my unwearable WL, found here:

**Current top priority wish for gallery:
Festive Gourd Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.

*~ Meh ~*

Looking for Festive Gourd Mystery Capsule and a few other unwearables.

This list is empty.

1a. Clothes UFT

This list is empty.

1c. Hats & Wigs UFT

This list is empty.

2a. Makeup & Contacts UFT

This list is empty.

2c. Misc. Accessories UFT

This list is empty.

3a. Foregrounds/Garlands/Frames UFT

This list is empty.

3c. Backgrounds UFT

This list is empty.

4. Pretty Buyables

Here are some of the prettier buyables you can still currently buy from the NC Mall. I am listing these here for reference so that you hopefully do not get tricked by others into thinking they are rare. If for some reason you cannot buy NC and would like to trade for a custom, I can offer them as well.

How to obtain them from the NC Mall, in order:

Baby Autumn Leaves Body Paint - (150 NC)
Cotton Candy Tree - Pink Korbat Key Quest Token (250 NC)
Dazzling Faerie Rainbow - Faerie Aisha Key Quest token (300 NC)
Dazzling Yellow Leaves - Yellow Kougra Key Quest Token (250 NC)
Fence of Flowers Foreground - Yellow Flotsam Key Quest Token (250 NC)
Golden Vines Garland - Yellow Xweetok Key Quest Token (250 NC)
Green Island Flowers Garland - Island Bruce Key Quest Token (300 NC)
Green Vine Clearing Background - Green Kacheek Key Quest Token (250 NC)
Leafy Green Tree - Green Kau Key Quest Token (250 NC)
Lovely Flower Assortment Foreground - Split Grundo Key Quest Token (300 NC)
Luminous Pink Heart Garland - Pink Elephante Key Quest Token (250 NC)
Multi-Coloured Cloud Garland - Cloud Moehog Key Quest Token (300 NC)
Neopian Clouds Garland - Cloud Meerca Key Quest Token (300 NC)
Patterned Shadows Background - Shadow Shoyru Key Quest Token (300 NC)
Pink Shooting Star Wand - Pink Quiggle Key Quest Token (250 NC)
Pink Willow Tree Background - Pink Cybunny Key Quest Token (250 NC)
Pretty Flower Light - Faerie Acara Key Quest Token (300 NC)
Purple Flowers Foreground - Purple Kau Key Quest Token (250 NC)
Purple Velvet Curtains - Faerie Ixi Key Quest Token (300 NC)
Rosy Cheeks Face Paint - Flower Fun Superpack (550 NC)
Scenic Purple Dusk Background - Purple Scorchio Key Quest Token (250 NC)
Speckled Vase Foreground - Speckled Uni Key Quest Token (300 NC)
Striped Flower Foreground - Striped Kacheek Key Quest Token (300 NC)
Striped Wig - Striped Xweetok Key Quest Token (300 NC)

This list is empty.

6. NP Wearables

A catalog of the notable NP wearables that I own. Some may be for sale.
Feel free to offer if interested.