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1.0 The Magna Carta


Last Updated: APRIL 2022

Hello fellow Neopian, and welcome to my NC trade list! :)
For items that I am trading, numbers indicate how many I have, not value. I try to keep this up to date as best as possible, but mistakes and life happens.

All trading discussion will take place through my main account: Oshichi. I will never communicate from my sides (Vaskui, Valanlia, Velamisa, Velasendra). I will respond to fair, and polite messages. Rude or intentionally low offer messages will be ignored or blocked. PLEASE NOTE that I am only briefly on once per day and may miss reading your mail. Feel free to resend or to check in frequently as I do not trade as frequently as I used to. I promise, I am not ignoring you! I respect all personal values, however, please do not value your items on the higher end and mine on the lower. That will make me least interested in trading and will end any possible trade. Multiple factors are considered when trading.

[ =• Nonwearables UFT2:1 (Second Hand) •= ]

Thanks so much for considering trading with me! Good luck trading and have a wonderful day!

As always, remember the other person behind the screen. It's important to remember that this is just a game. Be nice & just have fun!

This list is empty.

1.2 Dye Hard

Like the look but want a different color to match that new outfit?

Lending for dye pots, or lending 2 items for 1 GBC. Items are expected to be returned.

Under no circumstances are the following listing below, ever up for trade.

This list is empty.

1.3 The Red Carpet

----- PLEASE READ -----

Stunningly rare, beautiful, unique or just downright popular items. These are my hardest to part with items and I may not trade them, even though I hold no attachments to them. I just think they are snazzy! If there are multiples of items, I may be more inclined but still reserved. I'm only parting with these for more expensive, popular or extremely rare items on my wish list.
Not accepting GBCs, cookies or any buyables/customs for these.

This list is empty.

2.0 Destination Unknown

Looking to travel somewhere new? Check out these hot spots!

This list is empty.

2.1 Sightseeing

Going on vacation but need something to bring with you? Bring one of these garlands, foregrounds or background items with you!

This list is empty.

2.2 A Cut Away

Does your pet need a new hair do? Snag one of these wigs for a new look!

This list is empty.

2.4 The Clothing Vault

Need something new? Pick out a fancy new outfit for that new look!

This list is empty.

2.7 Fashion Accessories

This list is empty.

3.0 In Your Possession

Add a snazzy item to go with that new look!

This list is empty.

3.3 Children's Place

Looking for baby items? Check out these adorable items for your little one!

This list is empty.