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Current Wishlist and Stats

My Full Wishlists can be found at:

But I also have my NC wearables list at the bottom of this page :)

If you have one of my bigger wishes UFT, feel free to ask what else I have available to trade. I have high valued stuff I keep aside for my big wishes.

Current Box Count: (0 on Main), (0 on side)

Current GBC Count: 0

Current NC for Customs: (0 on Main), (0 on side)

Current Cookie Count: 1 (FQC) & 1 (TC)

This list is empty.

Current x-Non-Wearables UFT-x

*Please keep in mind that these are spread out between my main and 4 sides... If my side is boxless, I may not be able to trade from it. Most of them are on my main though.

This list is empty.

Dyeworks Items For Lending

These are items I have available to lend for you to dye ^-^

I can lend Everyday dyeworks 2-1 for a GBC or 1:1 for Dyeworks Potions. I normally lend the item so that is easier for you to dye and is not too box heavy.

LE dyeworks are marked with a 99 and can be lent 1:1 for GBCs or Upcycle cookies.

This list is empty.

Items to be moved into a TL later

To be moved to TL after I figure out values. These items are too new and are going to retire. I don't like to value them at 1 so they're kind of on hold till I can figure out values once they retire. Putting this list as public in case that someone is seeking them and has my wl items. They are not UFT for caps unless I have multiples of them.

This list is empty.

Special Highlights for Priority Wishes

These items either rest in my closet or are rarer than some on my regular tl and not necessarily closet items but I'm willing to part with them to get my bigger priority wishlist items. I do have other stuff hidden away but those will be way harder to get me to budge... either way, if you have my big wishies just let me know what you seek. I may have something hidden away for it...

This list is empty.

UFT- Backgrounds

This list is empty.

UFT- Clothing

This list is empty.

UFT- Garlands, Trinkets, Foregrounds, and Showers

This list is empty.

UFT- Handhelds, Accessories, etc.

This list is empty.

UFT- Wigs, Hats, etc.

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items aquaantoni wants

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Biggest Dream Wishlist (Will never get this ;-; but I can dream right?)

This is an item that I love and would love to have but I can't bear the thought of parting with half my closet for it ;-; I shall forever dream of this.

This list is empty.

Dreams Wishlist

These items, I'm willing to give up certain parts of my closet for or do customs. I will give up pieces of my soul for these ;-;

99 are Top Priorities

100 are My biggest wishies @-@

This list is empty.

Dreams Wishlist (more achievable)

Items I'm replacing

Traded away to fulfill other wishies so I would love to replace them :) Those marked with a 99 are my priority. The others I'm very passively seeking or waiting for a good deal to replace. (whispers) "I miss you" ;-;

This list is empty.

Pretties I like :)

I've managed to obtain these items and I don't want to replace them so this is mainly a list of semi-popular <10 cap value items that I can accept as filler on larger trades or on box heavy trades to make them less boxes. No priority at all on these. I'm not seeking them.

Any items I obtain from this list, will go UFT again so again, this is only to help make trades less box heavy if there's like a big difference that could not just be taken care of with game packs.

This list is empty.
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