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0. Notes

Hi there!

Updated August 2022

CLOSET IS HIDDEN - IF YOU HAVE ONE OF MY BIG WISHES PLEASE MAIL ME & I CAN OPEN :) My neomail is always open for trades, so feel free to send one if you see something you like!

Any numbers refer to the quantity that I have, with the exceptions of 99 being UFT towards htf wishes.

Thank you!

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1. Tradeable Closet

These are some of my closet items that I either have a spare of or don't use as often so I'm more willing to trade these. 9’s is more htpw.

Seeking: Priority/Always want lists - if those are empty then seeking my Casual list!

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3. Dyeworks

Some dyeworks are HTPW - especially ones that I do not have a spare of. Custom only accepted for spares.

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4. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

5. Foregrounds & Decorations

This list is empty.

6. Clothing & Accessories

This list is empty.

7: Baby Items

This list is empty.

9. Wigs

This list is empty.

99. Wings & Handhelds