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*01 Please Read

Please check that the trade you're offering is actually fair!!!

Not that active currently so you can try to NM but it could be a while before I get back to you.

I use /~owls for values and DTI ratios for anything not yet listed on there. Not seeking GBCs or custom, but I could potentially be tempted with Retired Mystery Capsules depending on the capsule and what you're seeking.

Any numbers are quantity, not value. If I have 4+ of something you're seeking, just send me a NM and as long as I have the boxes I'll just send it to you cause really I don't need 4+ of anything.

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*UFT Accessories*

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*UFT Backgrounds*

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*UFT Clothing*

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*UFT Foreground / Trinkets*

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*UFT Hats / Wigs*