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Please be aware that the Neopets Metaverse team is not authorized to use Dress to Impress whatsoever.
As per our terms, we hereby revoke their license to use our software, effective immediately. Any future commercial works generated with our software, directly or indirectly, may be found to infringe on our copyright.

Further, our unique converted PNGs are our own derived works, and have never been licensed for commercial use.
Any previously-sold commercial works found to already be using them may be considered liable.
Finally, please be aware that our Flash conversion code is not licensed for external use at all, and any code derived or ported from it would be direct copyright infringement. Any works generated by infringing code may also be liable.
This statement is independent of the usage license revoked above, and would fully apply to previously-sold works.

We're making this announcement in response to concerns that DTI may have been used to mint the recent Neopets NFTs.
Most users may continue to share their Dress to Impress outfits freely, for personal use among themselves and their communities!

We regret not revoking this license sooner. For questions, please reach us via email. Thanks for understanding.
We're sticking around for the HTML5 conversion!
You can already switch from Flash to Image mode, and there's a new beta app coming soon!
Try our beta app! It's ready for the future, and it works great on mobile!
Our new app is still a work in progress, but you can try it now, and we'd love to hear what you think!
Here's the link:
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a. Open to trades!

anything marked with 21 is, you guessed it, 2:1. anything buyable in here can also be 2:1 because i forget what's buyable. other numbers indicate quantity. always interested in gbcs and lab/fq/archives cookies for my regular TL! i also have a money tree mystery capsule, the scorchio box thing, a diamond valentine gram, a locked up valentine gram, a lovely valentine gram, some 12th birthday cupcakes, and the following caps: perfect paradise, perfect paradise retired, retired altador cup.

i have a private list, i may share it if i'm looking for a specific item

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b. Harder to Part With

Items that I use a lot or like, but don't be afraid to offer! Most likely not seeking GBCs for these. If an item in here would be 2:1, I can do it at that rate, but I'd want an item that's valued at 1-2 in return.

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side #4

see side 1

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Items golden1188 wants

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i want now pls

trying to finish this custom pls pls

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need to replace

things i want but don't need

things i just think are pretty or would maybe like to have someday but don't actually need unless offered! 21 means i'd like to find in a 2:1 sale. i have a ton of other things i want that aren't publicly listed just to not clog up the list. feel free to show me your TL for GBCs or something i have!

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want for friends

This list is empty.

want for gallery

for my jhudora gallery pls

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