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Items heylyss owns

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- Hello! -

Everything listed below is UFT. I go by ~waka values, though some of the higher end things I'll only be trading for wishes. The numbers above some items are for my personal reference, and are just as much UFT as everything else listed.

I'm currently seeking GBCs for some of my UFT items.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! c:

This list is empty.

- Highlights -

These are not UFT for GBCs or customs. They are, however, all UFT if you can see them for wishes!

99 means it's HTPW, and I might not agree with waka value or might be on the fence about trading it at all. Please understand if I reject a fair offer!

This list is empty.

- New Items -

I typically like to hold onto my spares for a little so I'm hesitant to accept GBCs/customs for this list. Some things I end up getting quite a lot of, though, so feel free to ask anyway! The worst I can say is no thank you. c:

This list is empty.

- Up For Trade -

These are all my items up for trade!

As of 5/27/21, I'm seeking the following customs: my buyables wishlist and lab ray cookies. I'm usually not seeking GBCs, but you can always ask!

This list is empty.

Items heylyss wants

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- Top Priority -

These are items I've already made customs with and am looking for RIGHT NOW! I'm only offering highlights/hidden closet on items marked 99 at this time. Please NM your wishlist if you have any of them!

I can also offer GBC and BF GBCs for this section in pure or as filler.

This list is empty.


I will most likely end up caving and getting these things on my own eventually (especially if they retire from the mall soon), so this is more for me to keep track than anything.

That said, trading for them would also be really cool, so let me know what you're seeking for a custom! Will not be offering highlights or hidden closet for this section unless its for filler.

This list is empty.


I'm offering my highlights AND a hidden closet for these wishes- feel free neomail your WL!

(GBCs/BF GBCs available in pure or as filler!)

This list is empty.


Not in an urgent rush for these, more just keeping a tally of things I trade that I might one day like to put back in my closet, or things I've gotten for other pets that I'd like a spare of.

This list is empty.
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