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0. 0 Welcome!

I'm Saoirse. I work crazy long hours at night so can be on a bit sporadically. Feel free to NM but if you don't hear back in 48hrs I may have missed it.


Latest Update- I am not on as often as I used to be so if I'm not on the boards, please don't NM offers as it may be a week or 2 before I'm back on.

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0.3 Special Only UFT towards specific wishes

Only towards high priority wishes or htf bgs. May also be willing to trade several for higher valued pops as my bg wishes get more expensive. Some of these are low value but highly sought after- I do not value them higher just using them to get my priority wishes.

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0.5 Special

I'll be a little pickier with these items- usually seeking a 1:1 or put multiples towards a higher value/priority wish or pop. Feel free to offer, but understand I may refuse a perfectly fair offer

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0.8 Highlights and Pretty Things!

Things I just think are a little special. May or May not accept custom for what's in here

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1a Gram/unwearable Items available

These are items that can be found in the following grams
Love is Undead Sweetheart Gram x 12
Teddy Bear Sweetheart Gram x 3
King of the Maraquan Sea Gram x 8
Halloween Haul Gram x15
Ethereal Mutant Gram x3
Creepy Mutant Gram x10
Berry Cute Chocolate Sweetheart Gram x3
Love Sucks Sweetheart Gram x15
Date Night Sweetheart Gram x9
Also have Dreamy Butterfly Caps x20 uft

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1b New items/Spooky & Fall fun!

Recent Releases and Seasonal items
A selection of new things and some seasonal things that I move around to make finding easier. Various values

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2 DW Items (except baby/Maraquan/mutant)

Number is value. No number means nothing on ~owls/ may need a VC

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3 Baby/Mutant/Maraquan Items (including DW)

Number is value

Will accept gbcs for most items on this list

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4a General stuff UFT Backgrounds

General things of varying value.

I will accept gbcs for some items and am always open to browsing through tls!

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4b General Foregrounds/Effects /Garlands

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4c General stuff Clothes

This list is empty.

4d General Wigs/Hats/Head stuff