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Items Saoirse2020 owns

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0. 0 Welcome!

I'm Saoirse. I work crazy long hours at night so can be on a bit sporadically. Feel free to NM, and I will get back to you!

This list is empty.

0.1 Dyeworks items available for lending

Will lend these items 2:1 gbc or 1:1 dyepot/cookie. Only lending these items unless you see them in a separate list

This list is empty.

0.5 Special

I'll be a little pickier with these items- usually seeking a 1:1 or put multiples towards a higher value/priority wish or pop. Feel free to offer, but understand I may refuse a perfectly fair offer

This list is empty.

1b New items/Winter and Holiday themed items

Recent Releases and Seasonal items

Ignore numbers until I edit- just moving everything around

This list is empty.

2 DW Items (except baby/Maraquan/mutant)

Number is value. No number means nothing on ~owls/ may need a VC

This list is empty.

3 Baby/Mutant/Maraquan Items (including DW)

Number is value

Will accept gbcs for most items on this list

This list is empty.

4a General stuff UFT Backgrounds

General things of varying value.

I will accept gbcs for some items and am always open to browsing through tls!

This list is empty.

4b General Foregrounds/Effects /Garlands

This list is empty.

4c General stuff Clothes

This list is empty.

4d General Wigs/Hats/Head stuff

This list is empty.

4e General Makeup/Jewelry/Face stuff

4f General Handhelds/Trinkets/Misc

This list is empty.

4g General Objects/Shoes/Wings

This list is empty.

7 2:1 section

2:1 gbc/3:1 bfgbc/1:1 fqc or lab cookie any item here