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For my closet, not looking for gbcs unless stated

*Numbers indicated are quantity not value

99 - htpw - usually reserved for high priority wishes, may turn down a fair offer if I'm attached but you can always ask : )

This list is empty.

2a) baby/mara/mutant

This list is empty.

a) 2:1 sale

This section is 2:1 gbc or 4:1 bfgbc

This list is empty.

b) Backgrounds UFT

I go by owls value mostly but may value something higher. feel free to make me an offer. May be more willing to part with it if I have multiples

This list is empty.

c) Dyeworks

More likely to part with multiples 99 - HTPW

This list is empty.

d) Clothes & Shoes

More likely to part with items where I have multiples. Number is quantity not value

This list is empty.

e) Foregrounds, Frames and Garlands

This list is empty.

f) Wigs & Hats