Ilaena's items

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Items Ilaena owns

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1A - Please Read This!

Interested in past capsules? Here's what I've got


50 Superpack RR Capsule

Assorted Gift Box Mystery Capsules

Unlimited Custom for priority wishes!

This list is empty.

A2 - Nice Items

Only looking for wishes at this time!!

Items up for trade that are nicer. Somewhat less picky with these, but still prefer item:item on these.

555 just means I'm not sure on a value. Definitely still up for trade, we just should discuss! :D

This list is empty.

B1 - Regular UFT

Only looking for wishes at this time!!

Average UFT list. Possibly a dump section for me to sort out highlights and 2:1 items.

This list is empty.

B2 - Gram Items I have

Gram Items I have still in the gram.

10 Teddy Bear Sweetheart Grams

10 Let Love Grow Grams

7 King of the Sea Maraquan Grams

7 Queen of the Sea Maraquan Grams

This list is empty.

B3 - 2:1 GBC / 3:1 BF GBC

Only looking for wishes at this time!!

Yeet. 2:1 for a GBC, 3:1 for a BFGBC when I offer this sale- sometimes prioritizing boxes for wishes.

This list is empty.

B4 - Dyework Spares

Only looking for wishes at this time!!

Dyeworks I have spares of and can trade