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Items CalicoTigers owns

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0 Please Read Before Contact 0

PLEASE READ If you are viewing within the NEW DTI Format please be aware ... I will only be open to offers IF I am able to access the OLD DTI

If you are NMing others for the same item, within 0-24 hours, DO NOT NM me.

WL Titled "Seeking 2:1 GBC Sale" This means I am offering 1 GBC for 2 listed items.

For Collectors Numerous Retired Caps UFT

If you're a Cap collector, feel free to NM for my current list.

This list is empty.

00 UFT for Priority Wishes 00

This list is empty.

000 *** UFT for Ultimate Wishes Only!!! *** 000

FIRM If 'Ultimate Wish' Section is Empty ~ These Items are NOT UFT

This list is empty.

z UFT z