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Items MayAngelQt owns

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(0) MayAngelKutie

I will only post or advertise this TL from my main account, mayangelkutie.

Number means that these are the number of items I have UFT.

Accepting WL but will also accept GBCs, archive cookies, and faerie quest cookies.

I base off average prices of ~Owls.

Lately I have been getting messages if I will do a 4:1 for BF GBCs. I WILL NOT do 4:1 for my 2:1 list. My some of my 2:1 items are already heavily discounted. 4:1 nms will be ignored.

*44=on a side account

55=pending trade

77=brand new


9=slightly picky

99=very picky

999=only UFT for big wishes

This list is empty.

(1)Lending: Dyeworks 2:1 or 1:1

Dyeworks items for lending (not UFT*). Will lend 2:1 for GBCs or 1:1 for Dyepots

*88=Are UFT because I have spares.

This list is empty.

(4)UFT Dyeworks

Spare dyeworks items that are UFT for other dyeworks items I'm seeking of equal value and GBCs.

This list is empty.

(5) UFT Color Specific Items

This list is empty.

(6)UFT Backgrounds

This list is empty.

(7)UFT Foregrounds, Garlands, and Showers

This list is empty.

(8)UFT Clothing

This list is empty.

(a11)UFT Hats and Wigs

This list is empty.

(a12)UFT Trinkets

This list is empty.

(a14)UFT 2:1

I will not do a 4:1. Some of these items are already heavily discounted. 4:1 messages will be ignored.

Currently seeking GBCs and Archive Cookies

This list is empty.

(a15)UFT 3:1 Buyables

This list is empty.

Items MayAngelQt wants

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(a) I have a dream, a song to sing: Biggest Wishes

Dress to Impress
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