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Gram Items

These are grams I have so I just listed all the items with the number of grams I have (obviously ignoring the LEs from the gram; see my normal trade list for that)

This list is empty.

List 2: UFT for Friend Wishes

These items are uft for my wishes and for my friend wishes only. NOT UFT for custom/gbc. Items on this list are things I have TWO of. Once I trade one it will be moved to the list that is just for my wishes (which is usually hidden)

This list is empty.

List 3: UFT for Whatever

Things in this category are uft for my wishes, friend wishes, custom, gbc, cookies, etc. I may still decline based on my cookie/gbc need! Fair warning. These are items I have THREE or more of. The number is the quantity of what I have and NOT my value for it.