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Items gerrralddd owns

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A. Up For Trades

Updated Daily
May 2021

Numbers represent quantity owned. Most likely to trade those multiple items owned, unless if I offer :) But feel, free to offer for others as well. Will try and work out a trade for it.

Willing to listen on all offers. Active daily. Happy to work out a trade if plausible & reasonable. Soooo offer away~


Basic Gift Boxes: 425

Dyeworks Celebration Hue Brew Potion: 1
Dyeworks Potion: 16

Blooming Flowers Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 1
Cherry Blossom Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 3
Crystalline Ice Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 8
Cyber Circuit Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 1
Dazzling Fireworks Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 4
Disco Fever Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 11
Fantastic Fall Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 2
Flower Power Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 4
Glitz & Glam Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 15
Hocus Pocus Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 3
Kaleidoscope Dreams Gift Box Mystery Capsule (BF): 101
Lemony Splash Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 1
Looming Eclipse Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 1
Mermaid Dreams Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 7
Misty Mountains Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 14
Mosaic Hearts Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 5
Mysterious Moonlight Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 29
Ocean Waves Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 1
Pot o Gold Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 4
Sea Glass Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 1
Shining Stars Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 1
Sizzling Summer Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 2
Stormy Skies Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 2
Sunset Summer Gift Box Mystery Capsule: 3

Baby Bash Retired Mystery Capsule: 12
Blumaroll Retired Mystery Capsule: 5
Bounty O Luck Retired Mystery Capsule: 5
JubJub Power Bounce Retired Mystery Capsule: 2
MME Retired Mystery Capsule: 10
Raining Petals Retired Mystery Capsule: 5
Rainy Day Retired Mystery Capsule: 5
Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule:7
Rustic Winter Retired Mystery Capsule: 5
Shenanigifts Retired Mystery Capsule: 9
Sweetheart Gram Retired Mystery Capsule: 5
Witches Brew Retired Mystery Capsule: 3

21st Birthday Sprinkles Mystery Capsule: 6
Baby Bubbles Mystery Capsule: 10
Frosted Winter Mystery Capsule: 5
Lucky Clover Mystery Capsule: 5
Money Tree Mystery Capsule: 1
New Year 2020 Celebration Mystery Capsule: 5
Sunshine & Flowers Mystery Capsule: 9
Usukicon Y22 Mystery Capsule: 2

Call Me Sweetheart Gram: 13
Heart Breaker Sweetheart Gram: 5
Monstrous Mutant Gram: 28
Sweet Treats Sweetheart Gram: 5
Vintage Halloween Party Gram: 7
Warm Winter Nights Gram: 11

Fringed Heart Valentine Goodie Bag: 1
Neopets 21st Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag: 1
Paper Hearts Goodie Bag: 1

This list is empty.

AA. New Cap Items!


This list is empty.

AAA. Dyeworks Lend~

Will lend for Small wishes, Cookies, Archives, Dyepots & GBCs

Goes without saying but...
OG item NEEDS to be return! :P

This list is empty.

AAAA. 3:1 Sale

Sale for either one of the following :)

1 RR Cap
1 Archive Cookie
2 Dyework Pots

This list is empty.

AB. HTPW & Highlights

Even though set at trading, likely to trade spares

Singles are mostly NOT UFT unless offered. If so, for priorities!
OR RR caps, not customs or GBCs

Still, feel free to enquire bout it :)

This list is empty.

B. Backgrounds

May reject fair offers if I don't have spares..
I'm a background hoarder you see :P :P

This list is empty.

C. Frames & Foregrounds

This list is empty.

D. Garlands

This list is empty.

E. Trinkets

This list is empty.

F. Showers & Effects

This list is empty.

G. Clothes

This list is empty.

H. Headwear & Wigs

This list is empty.