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A. Trade Guide

Use Valentine to price out (unpriced willing to negotiate on/make a VC board for)

If it's Visible it's UFT. (excluding dyeworks) Can message me to show off my Secret list if you have something from my priorities!

Warning I am USUALLY low on boxes from frequent trading so If I am, Then offers of GBC i'll usually accept if reasonable.

Current Box Count: 9

Current GBC count: 1

Current NC for custom: 50

Non Wearables UFT

AAAs Hover Chair (5-6)

Abigails Chair (5-6)

Virtuepets Map Screen (6-8) x2

King Altadors Golden Noil Throne (10-15) x2

Terror Mountain Holiday JubJub Power Bounce Token 10-pack (10-15),

NC Archives cookie x2,

Updated 8/20/19

This list is empty.

MME- Bonus Collection

just the bonuses from MME's one day would like all of them! ~This section is NFT~

This list is empty.

UFT - Backgrounds

This list is empty.

UFT - Dresses and Robes

This list is empty.

UFT - Foregrounds and Garlands

This list is empty.

UFT - Handhelds

This list is empty.

UFT - Hats and Wigs

This list is empty.

UFT - Tops and Gloves

This list is empty.
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