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1.) Welcome!

Last Updated: MARCH 2024

If my WL is empty, I am open to casual trades (just send me your trade list), otherwise I am only looking to trade for my wishes!

Unless offering DW potions on my 1:1 TL, offers of custom/GBCs/BF GBCs will not be answered, sorry.

Thank you for your understanding!

Non-wearables UFT can be found here:

Best wishes and happy trading to you all ^.^

This list is empty.

2.) Highlights UFT

Some shinier things I have UFT. Nothing here is particularly HTPW, I just think they're too pretty to be kept on any old list =)

Items marked 11 are part of a pending trade!

This list is empty.

3.) Regular UFT

Mostly junk and buyables here...enjoy =)

Items marked 11 are part of a pending trade!