Skortchybear's items

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Items Skortchybear owns

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Am seeking these items at this time which are dream items.

I have: 34plus boxes, 0 gbc's.

I wanted to add that I will not trade gbc's or customs for items. I can't afford it. Please, don't send me mail fishing for gbc's.

I want to give a special thanks to all of the people I have had trades with in the past, and to everyone I shall encounter in the future. THANK YOU! . Meepit gloves, and Crazy Meepit Hat!!!, Glowing spellwork book!!!, Rich Emerald Wig!!!!, Rosette Knitted Jumper, Lost Desert Pyramids Background, Prince Jazan Collectors Headdress, Lost Desert Treasure Room, Golden Tunic, Sparkling Cobweb necklace., Experimental Monster--chain!!., Caramel Dip Apple hat. FOR MY APPLES GALLERY!!!!!!!!!!, Noil-- Gloves., Vampire Costume Face Paint., Pretty Spyders Web Wig., Spyder Web Staff.,

This list is empty.

Boxless Side FlannaBanana up for trade

Edit: I think I am going to be taking a major break from NC items, just because I spend too much money on here.

You can ask me if you see something you are seeking, but depending on my box situation, I may not trade. **Even if you are offering me gbc's. Be warned.

Thank you for understanding.

Items up for trade. I have 6 boxes on this side. I will accept GBC's...

This list is empty.

Boxless side Sweetiedahling

Grams up for trade on main

These are the grams I have up for trade:

Hearts of Dread Sweetheart Gram--Neocash 5 Arch of Lost Hearts Background, Black Rose Dress, Deep Red Hair with Feathers, Gothic Maroon Sweater, Window Background

Red Holiday Cracker Gram--Neocash 4 Jinjah handheld plushie, Ornamented horns, Peppermint shield, Tinsel Trees fg, Tree Decorating bg.

Heart and Crossbones Sweetheart Gram--Neocash 1: Broken Heart Wings, Dark Jewelled Heart Staff, Gothic Hearts Jacket, Heart and Chain, Lost Valentines Garden Background, Radiant Pink Wig with Gothic Headband.

Rose Sweetheart Gram--Neocash 5 Button flowers fg, Delightful flowering vines, Fancy rose tiara, Flowers flower bg, Valentines bouquet garland.

Disheartening Sweetheart Gram--Neocash 4
Antique Locket and Charm Key, Diamond heart tights and shoes, Fanciful heart crown wig, Gothic Lace Valentine Capelet, and Web of Hearts Facepaint.

Enamoured Sweetheart Gram--Neocash 5 : Abundant Heart Dress, Big heart wig, Love-O-Meter, Oversized heart handheld plushie, Sparkling Paper Flower Foreground.

Heartsick Sweetheart Gram--Neocash 4: Heart in plain sight, Long shiny red wig, Skull of hearts shield, unruly heart makeup.

Tinkered Sweetheart Gram---Neocash 8: Moltaran Heart Staff, Moltaran Heart Hat, Moltaran Heart Factory Background, Mechanical Heart Wings, Gears and Hearts Garland

This list is empty.

Items I am willing to lend for Dyeworks

These items I am willing to lend out for dyeworks. I will need 1 gbc per item, and 1 dye pack per item.

This list is empty.

This will include information you need to know, below this is my items for trade:

This is what I have in my closet: is a backup of my closet but be forewarned, absolutely nothing in this list is up for trades of any kind, unless, there is a number listed next to it--minus one. Not for items of high value, I might want, or just for any reason. I am putting this here for my own information. Thank you for your understanding.

Due to extraneous circumstances if I do not answer you? Please send me a follow-up email so I can try to check or at least talk about what the state of me/my online life might be at that moment! Items below are all my closet items. If I have extras, they are up for trade. I AM STILL ORGANIZING THIS ALL, jfyi!