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2. Nicer Things

These are some of my nicer or just sorta pretty (well, I think!) items I potentially have up for trade
for my bigger wishes!

I also have some unlisted stuff so feel free to also ask as well!

Some of these I really really love and will probably be rather choosy with.


~ 10 means currently on hold at the moment
~ 99 are those a lot harder to part with- I really love 'em!

This list is empty.

3. Trade List

A few regular things I have for trade. Some might be a bit hard to part, but others not at all.

Also, please ask if there is something you are seeking in particular! These are just a few of the items I have for trade and I am really slow to remember to add stuff here as well. As I've only JUST started working on this list, it's pathetically small right now, so my apologies! XD