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Items potter owns

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Chamber of Secrets

Welcome to my list!

Updated May 14 2021

I am online everyday. I normally lurk the NC, PC or Site Events board. Neomails are glitchy sometimes but I do answer every one I get.

Please dont message me and someone else for the same item.

I am +4hrs ahead of NST.

Grams UFT

Vintage Halloween Party Gram - 13

Warm Winter Nights Gram - 14

Sweet Treats Sweetheart Gram- 6

Heart Breaker Sweetheart Gram - 4

Call Me Sweetheart Gram - 3

Monstrous Mutant Gram (1 LE) - 25

Caps UFT

Rainy Day Retired Mystery Capsule - 3

Baby Bubbles Mystery Capsule - 5

Baby Bash Retired Mystery Capsule - 3

21st Birthday Sprinkles Mystery Capsule - 5

Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule - 4

MME Retired Mystery Capsule - 3

This list is empty.

Deathly Hallows

Dyework lends are 2:1 for gbc, dyepot or cookie

Nothing here is UFT, unless its in another list.

"88 means a seasonal dye"

This list is empty.

Goblet of Fire

A list of highlights/popular items

Not accepting GBCs/custom for this list.

Apologies, but Im picky with Gothic Moonlit BG & Space Explo

This list is empty.

Half Blood Prince


Some items are valued higher, just not a highlight.

#'s are quantity not value

Duplicates are more likely to be accepted with a gbc offer.