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Items silvernoon owns

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0.0 only UFT for High priority wishlist items

This list is empty.

0.1 highlights UFT

neomail silvernoon for trades

2 Glitz & Glam Gift Box Mystery Capsule

2 Mysterious Moonlight Gift Box Mystery Capsule

4 Misty Mountains Gift Box Mystery Capsule

9 Fall Foliage Gift Box Mystery Capsule

12 Fantastic Fall Gift Box Mystery Capsule

33 Kaleidoscope Dreams Gift Box Mystery Capsule (black friday GBC)

2 Disco Fever Gift Box Mystery Capsule

6 Sunset Summer Gift Box Mystery Capsule

15 Hocus Pocus Gift Box Mystery Capsule

15 Money Tree Mystery Capsule

1 New Year 2017 Celebration Mystery Capsule

2 Burst of Spring Retired Mystery Capsule

43 Sunshine & Flowers Mystery Capsule

1 Burst of Spring Mystery Capsule

Holiday Ornament Wreath

4 Vintage Halloween Party Gram

1 Holly Holiday Cracker Gram

2 Altador Cup Fan Gram

1 Gothic Charm Sweetheart Gram

This list is empty.

1 Buyable

This list is empty.

2 altador cup hat,sawls,make-up enz

This list is empty.

2.1 Dyeworks

This list is empty.

2.2 MME

This list is empty.

3 Backgrounds

This list is empty.

4 Foregrounds

This list is empty.

5 Garlands