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Items Katie Kat owns

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First off, cybersmearing IS a crime! Be careful who you falsely accuse!

This is my only DTI list/account and I will never message you from another account using this tl.

All my correspondence will incorporate my personal values. I like to trade fairly. I will always let you know if you've over offered.

I seriously have an unhealthy attachment to many of these. However, they're all UFT for the right offer. I can most likely offer pure GBC's for all my wishes (if this is what you prefer).

I like to trade my items for other items. If you don't have my wishes or a wish list that I can look at, I may accept RR caps or Mystery Caps. NOT SEEKING GBCS AT THIS TIME.

Please do not include me in your "Mass Trade Requests". I'm not interested in going through the motions only to waste time when the trade never comes to fruition.

When messaging please give me at least a day or so to reply. I tend to wrap up trades at a slower pace.

Love, Light and Positivity~Katie

This list is empty.

A little more sought after than my regular tradelist items. Including many highlights.

This list is empty.

Average/Normal/Regular - any of the above

I prefer to trade items for wishes/other items. I may accept RR caps or Mystery Caps for these. NOT SEEKING GBCS AT THIS TIME.