Blaise's items

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Items Blaise owns

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1 Highlights UFT -- These are DEFINITELY UFT!

I also have FULL GBCs for ALL of my wishes if that is what interests you!

Also UFT:


Retired Patapult Mystery Capsule 2022 x10

Baby Shooting Stars Retired Mystery Capsule x3

7th Birthday Cake Slice #2

Festive Berry Pie x3
Weewoo Sugar Negg

Lots of GBCs just ask!

-Twinkling Lights Gift Box Mystery Capsule
-Shining Stars Gift Box Mystery Capsule
-Dazzling Fireworks Gift Box Mystery Capsule


Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram x2

 Jewelled Heart Pendant Necklace<br>
 Ruby Encrusted Dress<br>
 Ruby Hearts Garland<br>
 Ruby Jacket<br>
 Ruby Pendant Wig<br><br>

Brilliant Ombre Sweetheart Gram

 Bright Pink Ombre Wig<br>
 Dazzling Heart Sceptre<br>
 Glittering Ombre Dress<br>
 Ombre Button-Up Shirt<br>
 Sparkling Flowers Garland<br>

Vintage Halloween Party Gram x 6
-Vintage Halloween Party Hat
-Vintage Halloween Party Masquerade Mask
-Vintage Halloween Party Shirt
-Vintage Halloween Party Shoes
-Vintage Halloween Party Skirt & Leggings

Warm Winter Nights Gram
-Box of Christmas Decorations
-Forest Green Peacoat
-Pop Up Snowman Village
-Raining Stars Effect
-Scented Christmas Candles Foreground

Teddy Bear Sweetheart Gram x 4
Heart Shaped Box and Blankie
Pawfect Plush Teddy Outfit
Pawfect Together Teddy Garland
Teddy Teatime Background
Teddy in Love Headband

Mystery Capsules (Re-release)

Retired Patapult Mystery Capsule 2022 x 10
Candied Sugar Plum Retired Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.

2. Will trade for Full Value.