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Currently trading for wishes only!

My TL is currently all over the place- I have some items unlisted, some items no longer available and some items I didn't even knew I had.

Most of the time the listings are pretty accurate, but there may be instances where I will reply your NM with a 'sorry, but I don't have this item anymore'.

Why don't I clean up my TL? Cos it's a huge job and I don't have the luxury of time to do so.

If I do not reply to your NM after 48-hours, chances are that I did not receive them; so please NM me again.

TLDR: Some items may no longer be available - will need to double check prior to trading.

This list is empty.

1. Closet - Currently Locked


Mostly SUPER-HTPW and never trading these for GBCs/Customs/Cookies.
If this list is visible, it is because I have HPWL items I am seeking.

This list is empty.


Things I am not sure about;
Don't really love it but kind like it enough to keep.
Sometimes, I do wonder why some of these are not in my regular TL too.

Never</u) trading for BFGBCs / GBCs but may part with some for Archive Cookies.