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Currently Trading!

9-22-22 UPDATE

Okay....NOW I am really back into NC trading. This time I promise! (Unlike last time when I posted an update message about returning and then promptly poofed right after....let's forget that happened). Right now I am not looking for GBCs or Mystery Capsules. I'm mostly after my wishlist.

As always, apologies for literally ignoring every neomail in the last....who even knows the last time I replied to one. When priorities need to be chosen, Neopets is the first item on the list to get yeeted. I have just gone ahead and cleared my inbox without reading any of the neomails assuming most are so old that the traders have hopefully come across the items they were after by now. If you have neomailed me in the past and are still after an item I own, feel free to reach out again!

Happy Trading!

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Extra Dyeworks

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