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Items Antony owns

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A small intro...

Hi, I like to trade my items for other items. I don't make a habit of trading for gbcs. I realize not everyone has my wishes and in these cases I often make exceptions (excluding my highlights/htpw items).

To those of you who say "no one ever replies to my trade requests!". To be honest, most people don't reply because they've received 20 of these type of messages in one day only to be told that someone else messaged before them or "I already got this item" etc. It's basically a waste of time for the other 19 people. Therefore most people decide to ignore messages. I personally reply to the messages until the exact person again says "someone else replied before you", etc. After that, I no longer reply to their messages. So you might be caught up in this loop. If you can't wait for a reply then maybe you shouldn't ask people to trade or to have a look at your tl. Perhaps you may want to trade on the boards, (which seem to trade quickly) if you're desperate for that item =)

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A step up in popularity from regular tl. Includes some highlights and HTPW.

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Regular UFT